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If you would like to contact us regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), please contact the Corporate Affairs team:

  Tel:  +44 (0) 1304 240 400 Ext. 4410
  Email:  communications@doverport.co.uk


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Transparency & Accountability


The Port of Dover is committed to engaging with as many different stakeholder organisations as possible.



Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM)

An advertised public meeting, the ACM provides access to non-executive Board members, the management team and many of the customer and community partners with which the Port works.

Port & Community Forum (PCF)

The independently chaired Port and Community Forum (PCF) is the way in which the Port, together with its community, collectively commits to its priorities for action in support of local regeneration and works to achieve something which is both tangible and transformational.  In addition to community organisations, two local independent representative members of the public are appointed following public advertisement to purely represent the community’s interests.  This is a key element of the PCF.

The PCF meet quarterly, the dates for 2017 are as follows;


As part of the quarterly Port and Community Forum, we offer members of the community the opportunity to attend as observers by registering online. As space is limited, this is on a first come first served basis. Please register by emailing communications@doverport.co.uk with words ‘PCF attendance registration’ in the subject of your email. 



The Port of Dover is looking for one local independent member of the public with an interest in the Port to apply to join its Port and Community Forum.

As part of its commitment to be the Best Port in the World for the benefit of its customers and the community, the quarterly forum provides a focal point for meaningful, open engagement and debate between the Port and the local community regarding matters of interest relating to the Port.

The Port and Community Forum, which is now in its third year, consists of a broad spectrum of local organisations and interests, covers issues such as port development, local regeneration, wider community engagement with the Port and enables the Port representatives to develop a better understanding of the needs of its important local community stakeholders. It provides a welcoming platform for community representatives to put forward their ideas on how the Port, together with its community, can deliver on its commitment and create a future that is both exciting and transformational for Dover.

If you would like to be considered for the opportunity to represent your community’s interests, please apply in writing with your name, contact details and why you wish to be considered for the position.  Depending on the number of applications received, names will either be subject to a ballot by the existing members or drawn from a hat.

For more information, please email communications@doverport.co.uk by November 26, 2016.

To find out more about PCF, provide a comment, or obtain a report from the last meeting please contact communications@doverport.co.uk    

Port Users Group (PUG)

The Port Users Group (PUG), also independently chaired, provides a valuable platform for port users to debate issues of mutual interest and to engage with the Port on what really matters to them as customers.

The PUG meet quarterly, the dates for 2017 are as follows;


Meetings and Presentations
The Port of Dover attends and present at various other ad-hoc meetings in order to provide additional opportunities for discussion or to explain more about the role of the Port as a major international gateway and also its role and contribution within the local community.

These generally include meetings with government agencies, economic and enterprise partnerships, local authorities, universities, primary and secondary schools, heritage organisations, cultural bodies, tourism organisations, charitable organisations, trade associations, business groups, industry bodies, partner ports, TV and film companies, faith groups and local interest groups.  This illustrates the broad range of interests in the Port and the range of organisations with which the Port regularly and positively engages


The Port of Dover Ensures that staff are fully informed about organisational policies, practices and developments. It encourages them to share suggestions and play an active role in the furtherance of the business. Dialogue is conducted through recognised staff groups, associations and representative bodies.

Employee relations are supported by the Port of Dover Staff Association (PoDSA), Unite the union and the Police Federation Committee.

The Port maintains a variety of communication channels including joint consultative committees, Chief Executive seminars, a Chief Executive’s newsletter and an intranet site (including a staff forum).


Consulting on major plans

Extensive stakeholder consultation processes are employed for any major plans, allowing numerous and meaningful ways for stakeholders to engage with the organisation.

Consultation has been continuing on the  Traffic Management Improvement (TMI) project and  Dover Western Docks Revival.

“Delivering major port development that protects long term port capacity but delivers jobs and opportunities now whilst creating a catalyst for major regeneration will be a significant boost to the region and shows real commitment to Dover.”
[Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader, Dover District Council]



Working in partnership

The Port of Dover recognises that its role and influence extends beyond the Port of Dover itself in terms of working with others to pursue common issues and joint initatives.

The Port is a member of (among others):


The Port supports its customers and community by speaking for Dover on issues that affect it. 

Recently this has included:

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